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way to ruin the good name of serious witchcraft with your greed, magic spells and potions

Way to shame someone who doesn’t have your ethics.

The majority of the spells I do are for greedy reasons (ie Money Spells) because well, I don’t have the ethical hang up surrounding getting money. Just like I don’t have the ethical hang up on many things.

Now to ask you stuff from the ask box. This should be fun. :D

Since when does “serious witchcraft” have a good name anyway? I like my witchcraft with a bad reputation, just as it should be.

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    This ^
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    …or even if their not desperate. Not everyone has the same morals…for a Wiccan sure it’d be almost taboo to do spells...
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    Oh, please, witchcraft has been used for material gain for centuries. Get over yourself.
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    Reblogged for the commentary about wtf on poverty as a vow of witchcraft. I don’t remember putting on a habit.
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