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way to ruin the good name of serious witchcraft with your greed, magic spells and potions

Way to shame someone who doesn’t have your ethics.

The majority of the spells I do are for greedy reasons (ie Money Spells) because well, I don’t have the ethical hang up surrounding getting money. Just like I don’t have the ethical hang up on many things.

Now to ask you stuff from the ask box. This should be fun. :D

Since when does “serious witchcraft” have a good name anyway? I like my witchcraft with a bad reputation, just as it should be.

It’s srsbsns.

I also like my witchcraft to have a bad reputation. That way, those who aren’t really interested in it, are then diverted away from me and can go harass other people. I also like my witchcraft to have a ‘scary’ reputation. I also like to be ‘gross.’

In general, I want my witchcraft to the be kind that people shun or shy away from because they become very uncomfortable by what it means when you practice it. ;)

I agree. Also, I like it when my practice makes ME uncomfortable. I find that I get better results when I’m a bit disturbed by the imagery I’m conjuring up. I guess it’s just the way I emotionally engage. Even if I’m doing something “positive”, like a work for healing, I go a bit dark. I shied away from that for a long time. It isn’t about being dark for appearances; it’s all about what gets my sub-conscious fired up. There’s always a point where I pass through the fear and come out on the other side feeling like I’m on fucking fire and that’s when things get done. 

And as for idea that we should never do anything practical for ourselves that just seems silly to me. There are a lot of things I do to better my own situation. I don’t work full-time just to contribute to society. I do it so I can pay my bills and live the way I want to live. I work out and eat healthy not just because it’s what I “should” do but because I feel powerful when my body is strong. I make myself as attractive as I can because it’s a high to know someone wants me.

I love my family, my friends, and my community and i work to make things better for them. But I also do plenty of things purely for my own snotty self, for greed or lust or out of “selfishness.” My spiritual/magical life isn’t any different. People say, “it’s going to come back to you!” I have not noticed that to be the case, at least not as a one-to-one deal. And if some of it does come back? Then I am prepared to pay that price. That’s the deal. I get and I give. I don’t follow gods who demand 100% selflessness and I don’t subscribe to an ethical system that requires me to sacrifice or deny myself at all costs.

Why are so many people afraid of what might come back anyway? Aren’t they prepared to sacrifice for what they want?

I just got annoyed by the whole “Oh, sure, you have to be rich enough to AFFORD 24 k gold jewelry/edible leaf/etc to make money….” But that’s just because the system is upsetting me. :|

Why the fuck SHOULDN’T a serious witch do money spells? If you’re trying to make this your livelihood, you’ll have to make enough money to have it as your livelihood and need a way to handle the times when money is low or you have a sudden expense (cast a money spell to help pay for a life-saving operation for your sister? YOU GREEDY CREEP). I’ve seen quite a few people mention that they/their mentor had a money spell to use whenever they were REALLY short on cash that never failed them, that make sure they can pay the bills.

This. I really hate the idea that magic-workers must take some sort of vow of poverty in order to be virtuous. 

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    …or even if their not desperate. Not everyone has the same morals…for a Wiccan sure it’d be almost taboo to do spells...
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    Oh, please, witchcraft has been used for material gain for centuries. Get over yourself.
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    Reblogged for the commentary about wtf on poverty as a vow of witchcraft. I don’t remember putting on a habit.
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